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Topsy-Turvey antique Doll - Black & White 9"

Topsy-Turvey antique Doll - Black & White 9"

Another fine antique doll from Nancy's Dolls and Antiques

This is a very nice old rag doll from the 1930's called a Topsy-Turvey because on one end is a black doll and the other end is a white doll. She is supposed to be wearing a long skirt that pulls over the head of one doll and to see the other doll you turn it upside down and pull the skirt over the head of the other doll. An old piece of fabric could easily be made into a skirt for her. Each doll head is made of an early oilcloth with excellant painted on facial features. The white girl has a little white lace around her face and the little black girl has 3 sprigs of black hair. The sewn on clothes are aged but have no odors and only 2 little holes.

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