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Madame Alexander Jeannie Walker, 1941

Madame Alexander Jeannie Walker, 1941


Product              Madame Alexander Jeannie Walker, 1941, marked Alexander

Size                      14"

Outfit                   All original, tagged

Eye                       Clear brown sleep eyes open and close easily, full lashes, also 

                               eyeshadow and lower painted lashes, brows                 

Body                    This doll has the original body with the unusual walker and

                               jointed hips area, light crazing, no repaint

Hair                      Original wig, light brown with loose curls and bangs

Clothes              Tagged aqua organdy dress with lace trim, attached pink slip

                              with matching panties, pink ribbon ties in back,  pink oilcloth

                              slip on shoes with original ties. No damage or odors.